Top 10 Mistakes MBA Applicants Make

Management Education is one of the most preferred career pathways. Students feel that an MBA degree is a quintessential adornment of the Resume.

In order to get a Management degree students to work very diligently and qualify the eligibility examination. However qualifying the necessary examination alone will not make them eligible to pursue their MBA Program. They have to make an impeccable application- an application that cuts them high above the rest.

Top 10 Mistakes MBA Applicants Make

While making an application for an MBA program (of course at one of your choicest B-School, University) bear in mind that you need to avoid the following mistakes:

  1. Waiting almost until the deadline: Please make your MBA Application pretty well before the deadline. Do not wait until the D-day and push your application through unprecedented upheavals. All this might spoil the taste of the process. If you have planned to pursue an MBA, then utilize all the days for application, beginning from day one.
  2. Talking more about Projects and others: In order to prove your inherent managerial insight, you might beat about the bush talking about projects and internships that you might have undertaken. This could not be favorable to your application. Do mention these things but without an ounce of ostentation.
  3. Highlighting or bragging about GMAT/GRE Score: You might unknowingly overemphasize your GRE/GMAT score in your MBA application. Please remember that great scores are not uncommon. Just hint your score and do not place yourself on the pedestal whatsoever.
  4. Trying to be very creative: In your attempt to be adventurous and creative, you might write in your application your career preferences that are totally different from your perceived path of education. Remember such a thing might do more bad than good!
  5. Not having goals: “I will take life as it comes’’, “I haven’t planned anything yet’’- irresponsible statements like these tell in not so many words that you are a person with no goals and career direction. Please do not mistake statements like these for simplicity. They aren’t. On the contrary, they might have a devastating effect on your application.
  6. Seeking external help to write essays: When you do not pen your own essay, remember a fact, you are not at all being original. Most of the B-School essay’s question ‘personal’ experience. Try to write all that yourself. You may, however, seek an expert to fine-tune your essay for grammar, cohesion and other aspects. But remember that the soul of the essay should be yours.
  7. Using the same essay: Please never send the same essay to all the MBA Programs. Please do take time and compose different essays for different B-Schools/Universities. You need to compose unique essays that speak about a particular MBA Program and your genuine interest to pursue it.
  8. Underestimating the significance of extracurricular activities: This might tell the admission board in not so many words that you are ‘not a sport’. Extracurricular activities signify your team playing ability and leadership skills. You need to mention them as an important aspect of the application.
  9. Underestimating the significance of recommendation letters: Recommendation letters are the propellants of the application process. An able faculty member commenting on your eligibility to pursue a specific course and recommending you to a University/B-School is not lesser than a blessing. Take time and request your faculty member/s to put a few goods and genuine words about you. This will make a difference to your application.
  10. Don’t purchase recommendation letters: These days we can purchase readymade transcripts of recommendation letters. Students just buy them and get them signed. This could prove very shabby to your application process. Avoid and abhor doing such a thing.

I am now more than confident that all MBA Applicants will bear in their minds all the above-mentioned points before sending their MBA Applications. In case you have to share something important with fellow aspirants, do it fearlessly right under this article. You may even send us a mail if you have any queries.

Wishing you Success!!

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