What is the Best Communication Style?

Whether it is in our professional or personal life, communication is fundamental to healthy, successful relationships. Without good communication skills, relationships can be marred by unnecessary misunderstandings. Have you thought about how you communicate with people? What style of communication do you typically use, and can you improve your communication to have better and stronger … Read more

Best Investment Banks to Work for

Investment Banks have always been attractive employers for ambitious business graduates, but they have lost a bit of their gloss over the last few years. Many haven’t been as profitable and there have been considerable scandals in the wake of the GFC. The Financial Times noted that there was a definite downward trend in graduates … Read more

Ace Job Interview 2018

By learning ways to communicate with your interviewer by building a connection with them, you can outrank anyone else getting interviewed for your position. How do you ask? There are tricks of the trade. There are tools and techniques like rapport, sensory acuity, matching and mirroring and anchoring. This knowledge is derived from Neuro-Linguistic Programming. … Read more

Bagging Appraisals: Some Great Tips

Indian summers are important for two things one: the mangoes, other: appraisals. If you are a professional working in any Indian corporate or multinational, it is the time of the year when your professional enthusiasm will be on an all-time high- The reason being ‘appraisals’ burning around the corner. It is time of the year … Read more

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