Managing Stress at the Work Place

Stress has now become an integral part of life. Stress is around you. Lifestyle and the inherent pressure involved to meet both deadlines and standards set would inevitably push us into the murky mire of ‘stress’. There is no respite from stress! That it is! But at the same time, it is also said that a ‘zero-stress’ condition is bad.

What we all need to do is manage stress in a way such that it doesn’t affect our health our relations adversely. It’s time to contemplate and come to a consensus on managing ‘stress’. Stress as many of us know is a lifestyle disorder- disease rather.

Stress is produced primarily when an idealistic expectation is grossly violated. When what one wants is different from what one gets- stress pours out. Now, this pouring out is dangerous. In a condition of stress, poisonous toxins spill into the bloodstream. This may cause anxiety, obesity, hair loss and many more such things.

Managing Stress at the Work Place

A workplace is no refuge for stress. In fact deadlines and many other job-related activities could make you stressed out time and again.

Mentioned in this article are some effective means of managing stress- not just for you but also your colleagues and team members.

  1. Behave Professionally: Professionalism curbs many a lifestyle disorder. It basically means to take any professional objective in your stride instead of worrying over it. This keeps stress levels in check while enhancing your self-esteem.
  2. Nitpicking could be hazardous: Do not taunt, crib, backbite or aim at pointing faults of others. This could be a potential stress generating activity. As a professional one needs to grow above triviality and pettiness.
  3. Complete the task: Once assigned a task do not delay or procrastinate. Give yourself totally to the task. This could be quite stress-healing. Believe me!
  4. Decide what’s worth it: Do not invest time and thought which mean insignificant to your personal and professional goals. Move them aside. Sometimes we may be intensifying stress levels by thinking about things which have no influence on our lives whatsoever.
  5. Shun ‘Expectations’: Do your best part and keep growing professionally. Expecting positive responses could be both idealistic and stress generating. In a professional world back patting is seldom seen. Realize that.
  6. Work happily: Create an ambiance and environment that would generate happiness for you. Identify things that make you feel happy. Is it a perfume? Is it the latest of Justin Timber-lake? Is it an apparel or footwear of your choice? Identify these areas and have them in your life immensely. Work with complete involvement alongside satisfying your aesthetic requirements. You will have devastated stress by now.
  7. Deal with criticism: Criticism is gigantic stress giver. Humans are inherently averse to criticism. Dealing with criticism in the right perspective could curb stress significantly. Identifying ‘what was blamed’ instead of ‘who was’ and starting from there could help lead a happy professional, stress-free journey.

I am sure that this particular article did serve the purpose of managing stress constructively and effectively. You may have in your possession even more worthy suggestions. Do share with us right under this article. We shall be awaiting your responses. Thank you!

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