Best Investment Banks to Work for

Investment Banks have always been attractive employers for ambitious business graduates, but they have lost a bit of their gloss over the last few years. Many haven’t been as profitable and there have been considerable scandals in the wake of the GFC. The Financial Times noted that there was a definite downward trend in graduates … Read more

Successful Stories of Outsourcing

Best Cases of Outsourcing Sometimes it comes down to one good decision that can see a business suddenly grow and succeed. Alternatively, a bad decision or missed opportunity can spell disaster. If you are wondering how your business might benefit from outsourcing, then take a look at the inspirational cases below. It might just prompt … Read more

Best Countries to Live in

Best Countries to Live in

Have you thought about changing your life and moving to another country? Does it cross your mind that you might be happier living somewhere else? Where would you pick? It can get confusing pretty quickly trying to work out what will make you happy. Happiness might not be the easiest thing to actually quantify, but … Read more

Best IT Companies to Work for

Silicon Valley is filled with companies renowned for having well-paid workers, who get lots of perks and work in fantastic buildings with cafe’s, and numerous novel work and rest spaces. It probably comes as no surprise then that IT companies are also rank very highly on lists of great places to work – and not … Read more

Ace Job Interview 2018

By learning ways to communicate with your interviewer by building a connection with them, you can outrank anyone else getting interviewed for your position. How do you ask? There are tricks of the trade. There are tools and techniques like rapport, sensory acuity, matching and mirroring and anchoring. This knowledge is derived from Neuro-Linguistic Programming. … Read more

Be the Best Leader in Your World!

The process of learning how to become and be an influential and persuasive leader requires us to imbibe qualities of confidence in knowing self and knowledge of what to do and when. There are understandings of concepts and ideas that create a magnetic personality within you. First, start by knowing what you desire to achieve. … Read more

Bagging Appraisals: Some Great Tips

Indian summers are important for two things one: the mangoes, other: appraisals. If you are a professional working in any Indian corporate or multinational, it is the time of the year when your professional enthusiasm will be on an all-time high- The reason being ‘appraisals’ burning around the corner. It is time of the year … Read more

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