Best Summer Jobs for College Students

Summer jobs are quite easy to find, however they don’t always pay high wages. Most college students try to work during the summer to earn cash in order to help pay the expenses of school and to have pocket money to have fun during the summer break.

It’s always a good idea to spend the summer months working, because of the exposure these give to students to real work environment. Developing skills, time management and the discovery of new talents often go with summer jobs, so they are a valuable experience.

But you can always find options that will pay well enough to save quite a lot of money and that’s what most people want, right?

On this list you will find ten suggestions that pay above minimum wage, and we include the average salary you can expect from them for starters and jobs that can also be a positive experience for your resume later on!

Computer Technology

Why not capitalize on your interest or experience in IT? This is one of the fastest growing job markets in the world right now, and why not? It’s the present and future of almost everything we do and use. If you know about networking and computer programming, try looking for jobs in this field.

Some companies might hire you as a freelancer, which is a great start and a good way to build your portfolio.

On average, jobs in IT start at around $15/hour and if you work as a freelancer, it doesn’t have to be just a summer, you can continue after school resumes by choosing your own working hours.

Bank Teller

Working for a bank is a good option for a summer job, since the pay is reasonable, the hours aren’t too demanding and it looks good on a resume when you have experience working in cash handling and customer service.

Being a bank employee also lets others know that you’re trustworthy and (hopefully) honest, which is always a plus for future job opportunities.

This type of job pays above minimum wage, with salaries of about $12-$15/hour.

Bartender or Waiter

These jobs require very hardworking people and being able to handle high pressure levels as well as late shifts. The basic pay for these positions isn’t very high, but tips end up making up for that and they are usually high.

Since tips are what make the bulk of the income here, try to target high-end restaurants and bars. It’s always a good idea to declare your tips to the IRS, but that’s a whole another topic.

It also works as a secondary source of income, so you can have a day job and pick up a couple of night shifts per week to boost up your income.

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Child Care

College students aren’t the only ones out of school during the summer months; children are also off school, so that means that a lot of people need child care services and that translates to a lot of job opportunities. Most parents will pay a bit more for a responsible college student with child care experience. The only requirement here that is non-negotiable is that you like children since you will spend a lot of time with them.

On average, a college student providing this service can ask for anything between $12-$20/hour.


The good thing about landscaping jobs is that you spend most of the day outside, taking in fresh air and in touch with plants. It can be a very lucrative seasonal job.

Landscaping is mostly about mowing lawns, weeding gardens and trimming hedges, and on average landscapers can make over $12/hour.

Ice Cream Shops

Same as with bartending and waitressing, the basic pay is minimum wage, but the big earning comes from tips, and those are even better if you live in a tourist town or city.

The only downside is that these jobs aren’t easy to get, since most ice cream shop prefer hiring high school students, but it’s always worth the shot!

Camp Counsellor

For some college students the idea of going back to camp might seem out of the question, but knowing that some camps pay over $18/hour, the possibility doesn’t seem so bad!

The job entails handling kids and sometimes in a very free environment, so it’s important that you don’t lose your cool. So, like with child care, if you don’t like working with children, this may not be the best choice for you.

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Freelance Writer

If you enjoy writing a lot, or your major is Creative Writing or English, being a freelance writer can actually bring you a very good income, if you know where to look.

The good thing is that you can work from any location, you set your own hours and you can get to pick the jobs you want. However, be warned that it is a competitive market, so rates vary a lot depending on the job.

Dog Walker

If you love dogs and like the outdoors, walking every day and taking in fresh air, this could be a great option for you. You can take several dogs at the same time, increasing your income considerably.

Dog walkers can charge around $10-$12/hour and the more dogs you can walk at the same time, the better.

House Sitter

Offering your services for looking after someone’s house is a huge responsibility and if things go well, it can mean a repeat job and a good reference for you in the long run. Being trusted to look after another person’s house is one of the highest responsibilities one can take.

The detailed arrangements of the deal are always worked out between the parties but normally the pay averages $11/hour.

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