Best On-Campus Jobs for College Students

College students always need cash, whether it’s to pay for every day needs, to pay for tuition, services or just to be able to party or buy nice things. But it’s not easy to find a high paying job that will also allow the students to keep up with the school work and extracurricular activities.

Time is quite short while you’re in college and sometimes having to commute to another part of town can complicate things. So, can you really get a job that pays big bucks and stay on campus? The answer is yes!

We have put together a list of ten jobs that pay a lot more than minimum wage and will allow you to stay on campus, as well as give you plenty of work experience.

This list is great for those struggling to save some money, or that want to start gaining experience for the future.

Tutoring ($20-$40/hour)

Being a tutor for kids in elementary, middle and/or high school is an excellent way to earn good money. You can set up your own hours and location, and most local schools are always looking for tutors in subjects like English, Maths, SAT prep, etc. Or you can also tutor your peers from college; sometimes people need help with editing their essays or other areas. The rates vary depending on your experience in the field, but it’s really up to you.

Computer Technician ($20-$25/hour)

Why not put your “tech-savvy-ness” to good use and earn some good money from it? If you are knowledgeable with apps, software and/or hardware, maybe you can visit your college’s computer lab and look for a position there as tech support or ask the IT director if they have openings for students. This job is great for gaining work experience in the field, and that always looks good on your resume.

Fitness Trainer ($20-$30/hour)

Getting certified as a fitness trainer is very easy, you can do it on your own time online and have it done in about 6 months! Once you have that certificate, you can get a job at your school’s fitness center or a gym. Many colleges even have openings for fitness class teachers. Check out recent fitness events here.

Bank Teller ($18/hour)

If your career is related to banking, you can get a head start in the field by working as a teller in local banks. It always looks great on your resume and it is a great job experience. The only downside is the working hours that might clash with some classes, but if you can work that out, you’ll be able to make some good money working there.

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Professor’s Assistant ($12-$20/hour)

Professors, department heads and deans are usually looking for students to help them with administrative or organizational tasks, and sometimes even teaching jobs. This can be a very helpful experience for students since you’ll be in constant touch with experts in your field or another area that could be useful for your post-graduation years.

Hospital Research Assistant ($10-$20/hour)

When working as a research assistant, your job range from organizing data to screening patients for clinical trials on several drugs. If you’re interested in this type of work, you should visit the school’s hospital for these positions. It is also a good boost for your resume and the hours aren’t too bad.

Lab Assistant ($12-$20/hour)

This is a great opportunity to learn about how it is to work in a scientific environment and it’s an amazing experience that will help you find post-college jobs or grad school in the area. It requires a lot of responsibility though, and you should also be comfortable working with other people, since working in a lab is not a solo job.

Freelance Writer (payment varies)

You can find local newspapers and magazines that look for freelance article writers. Or you can also check on different freelance websites where you will find these types of job openings. This can be quite lucrative and the best part is that the work hours are completely up to you. The rates depend a lot on the projects; some pay by word, others per article.

Waitress or Bartender ($7-$10/hour + tips)

Although it can be quite tiresome, these jobs can be fun and the fast-paced environment, as well as building rapport with customers, can give a lot of positive experience for future jobs. On campus restaurants and coffee shops are usually hiring and their pay is spiked a lot by tips, so even if the base salary doesn’t seem like much, don’t worry, you can be pleasantly surprised when you get your check.

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Babysitter ($8-$20/hour)

If you love children and get along with parents, this is a great option to earn some extra cash. The hours can be very flexible, and the rate is really up to you. You can advertise in a local newspaper or talk to professors that have children; in many cases they’ll rather hire a student they already know than look elsewhere.

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