Be the Best Leader in Your World!

The process of learning how to become and be an influential and persuasive leader requires us to imbibe qualities of confidence in knowing self and knowledge of what to do and when. There are understandings of concepts and ideas that create a magnetic personality within you.

First, start by knowing what you desire to achieve. What is your purpose for being a great communicator? Do you know what you want in your life? What is the message you are aiming to give, in the way of your contribution to the world? We are unique individuals in this world.

There is no one like you and there will never me anyone like you again. How you see the world is not the same as anyone in your life. We universally are made up of same stuff, body, mind, emotions etc. It is a distribution of these based on life experiences – we chose to emphasize certain drama more than others.

Second, start by asking yourself, what is my intention for being the world’s best leader? Yes, this could be just as the best in your family and business not just to be an icon universally. Making a difference in one person’s life sometimes is monumental. Therefore, consider that as well. Finally, look at what steps and actions needed to be what you desire.

Concepts of An Empowered Leader

Respect the other person’s model of the world. That means listen to the person in front of you proactively with full presence, without thinking of what should I say next, how can I fix the problem and here is how I experienced same or something similar. Most of the time a person likes to be heard, expressing thoughts and feelings can really make a difference for us as individuals.

There is a sense of understanding and connections that get built that goes beyond surface level even if it is a casual friendship. Often, when you listen to them, their words, their feelings you can know, see or feel how they view the world and know how to be there for them in good times and in tough times.

At that point, you learn to accept people as they are. The strength of unconditional acceptance and love is built in you.

You are in charge of your mind, and therefore your results. In our life, we have a choice to accept or blame others for who we are, what we have, and what experiences we went through as well as did not go through. This is also known as Cause vs. Effect.

For instance, someone who grew up in a family where the father or mother was physically abusive, alcoholic and negligent could result in a deep wound that can possibly affect the child’s life. The depth of it goes into low confidence, esteem, beliefs, ability to cope with life and relationships.

One child can go into deep depression and anxiety of this experience and shut down from living and become violent as well as repeat the same behavior. Blame parents for being this way. Another child can take this experience and let that light a fire within and use this energy to really become the best at studies and become compassionate towards other abused people and contribute in a massive way to society.

Choosing empowerment allows us to take responsibility for our emotions and actions in life. Ability to be at cause creates a magnetic or charismatic presence in you.

Be the Best Leader in Your World!

In life, there is no failure, only feedback. Thomas Edition was asked by a reporter, you failed to make the light bulb work 999 times, how did that make you continue to go on? His reply was, I discovered 999 ways that did not work. There is a fast food chain called Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It was opened by cornel Sanders. He retired from work and realized that he cannot support him financially with the social security income he received. He thought I make excellent chicken, my recipe can make me money. He went out into many food joints and asked them to sell his fried chicken.

All of them responded, why would we want to we already have. Instead of giving up after one thousand attempts he decided to open his own place. By paying attention to messages coming back to us only as feedback creates the chance for success.

A Formula of Masters For Achievement

Know your outcome. If you were to visualize the final result of what is leadership, who would it look like, what would let you know that you accomplished it? In your mind see exactly who you would be, what you would do, how you would feel, who are the people around you, what would you hear, include taste and smell also. Even the sense of intuition.

Take Action. Look at the steps you need to implement to make the outcome happen. Have awareness of what is going on around. Notice all details going on around. Exercise behavioral flexibility. When the goal has been set and the movement towards it is not going as you please see what is the block, find a way to make a change so that it goes smoothly. Always adjust to the effective way to make the journey pleasant.

Act from a physiology and psychology of excellence. Our body language and mindset has a major role in becoming the best you. Check this out for yourself. Stand or sit straight, chin up, shoulders aligned, feet firmly on the ground, with a smile on your face, bring up the feeling of depression maintaining this posture. Can you? This is how we can get into state. You can control your body and mind at will. Yes, in the beginning, it is going to feel strange or not possible. With using this technique, instantly we can get into this state. Very commonly used by athletes, as well as peak performance trainers.

Make use of anything and everything to your advantage. There are so many resources available these days, Internet, inspirational books by well know authors, listen to talks by leaders like Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Presidents, Prime ministers, well-known media personalities both eastern and western. Use music, comedy, and art. Get support from or feedback from friends who would support you with your goal. Exercise, yoga, meditation and spiritual discourses would be a great guide as well. Inspiration actually all around you.

Be the Best Leader in Your World!

Asking Right Questions

As we know the standard questions are what, when, where, why and how? When do we ask a question such as why can’t I do anything right? Most likely the answer is because you are stupid or idiot? And if you ask something like, How can I do everything right?

You might think of 10 ways of having, doing, or being that. Therefore, when goal setting asking the questions with clear and positive attitude in mind gives the solutions. The doors open wide.

Setting Smart Goals

Specific – State in the positive

  • What specifically do you want?
  • Why is it important at this time in your life?
  • What are you going to do, be, and act on?

Measurable – Put in terms that you can manage it.

  • I want to become the best communicator for every person in my life. Both personal and professional. Rather then I want to be a leader.

By tracking your progress you can stay on targeted goal. You can make any changes to improve in attaining the goal.

Attainable – Goal is possible.

  • Define what is important to you. That allows you to find ways to actually achieve your desired goal. You will look for skills, resources, and increase your capacity to be the best.
  • With desire, belief, and expectancy strong your subconscious mind helps this become a reality.

Realistic- do-able, attainable

  • Let’s say you are making 1000 rupees a month and you feel you should make 10,000 a month it is not realistic to jump that high right away. I might be realistic to first double or at least triple first before that higher amount.

Timed – the Set time frame for this goal to happen.

  • I want this goal by March 30th, 2012 etc. A goal should be set for short-term and long-term.
  • One week, one month, three months, six months, and 1 year. If ambitious 5, 10, 20 years as well.

Important note: Goals must be set as if now.

Example: It is now March 30th and I now get acknowledged by family and friends to be the most influential leader on earth.


Sample of Goal

I am now the best speaker and communicator in my relationships. I am at ease with my ability to put thoughts and express my feelings to anyone in my life. Words flow through me easily and effortlessly. Ease that I feel in being in front of people is so welcoming.

I am now noticing how I see, feel and act in my conversations. My observations are so keen that I can understand what is being said verbally but I can also see through body language what is being not said. I am now motivated to become even better with these skills by May 15th, 2012.

My increased ability to entertain people compliments received helps me gauge my progress. I know that I am accomplishing my goals by the feedback I am getting from others and I track my own progress through my behavior change, improvements and more.

Food For Thought

Ultimately, being a leader happens when you understand yourself well. We project out into the world what is within us. You are what people say you are, you are how you see yourself. In order to see how the world is for everyone first know yours. The simple formula for that is the observation of all your senses. Always, go back to questions what, where, when, who and how. See what happens.

Thanks for your attention. Until, next time…wishing you adventure into self.

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