Bagging Appraisals: Some Great Tips

Indian summers are important for two things one: the mangoes, other: appraisals.

If you are a professional working in any Indian corporate or multinational, it is the time of the year when your professional enthusiasm will be on an all-time high- The reason being ‘appraisals’ burning around the corner.

It is time of the year when many aspiring professionals will step over the next rung of the hierarchical ladder.

As a professional, a diligent one that too (if your conscience permits that), you have every right to vociferate your case for an appraisal.

Bagging Appraisals: Some Great Tips

If you are not articulating your case then you may be sidetracked and someone else might walk away with the laurels. Isn’t that a terrible disgrace? Open your eyes now and sit straight and just follow this utmost professional advice.

  1. Vociferate your achievements: Telling out aloud in a polite way (in your appraisal form as given in most Indian companies or during an interview with your HR Manager) what you have done for the company is very crucial to your professional ascension. If you remain coiled into the shell like a snail, I’m afraid nothing can pull you out and put you on a higher level. If possible put your achievements in quantifiable terms. Talk in terms of numbers because in a corporate world numbers talk what words cannot. Remember that bosses are busy persons. It is your responsibility to refresh their memory by portraying attractive numbers and results.
  2. Stretch yourself: A three-dimensional involvement with the work is always beneficial for an aspiring professional. Do not restrict yourself to the work responsibilities you have been given. Rather sneak peek into various nooks of the corporate and do whatever you can. But only after you have thoroughly justified work in hand. Consolidate all these in your appraisal form. Tell them in not many words that you seeped into the various processes and procedures of the company.
  3. Predict goals: Many professionals talk about appraisals only during the season. This will not fetch any favorable result. Instead, talk about the possible future goals of the company and start working in tune with them. In fact, sit with your manager and chat for a while regarding the future responsibilities and goals of the organization. Keep advancing your skill set accordingly. This will help you bag quicker appraisals.
  4. Creativity pays: It is very important for an aspiring professional to pull the circumferences of his/her creativity. Professional creativity is something that has to be recognized whatsoever. It is always better to give some value to the work you have undertaken. A kind of work like this tells not in many words that you ‘belong’ to the organization and your role is indispensable. Appraisals follow.
  5. Know your boss: Some bosses are cool-headed some aren’t. Some are aggressive. Tailor your negotiation style amicably and accordingly. You cannot offer your same self to one and all. Altering the style to the requirement is something that a prudent professional knows.

In any case, you feel you deserve a reward, show it, talk it! People’s memory is volatile. Make them remember what you did and what you are capable of doing. Only then you will be there in the professional world where you always dreamed to be.

Wishing you success!

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